Lam Rim Buddist Centre

The Trustees

  • Dr. John Peacock 1984

Dr. John Peacock. - John has been a Trustee since 1984 when the charity was
first established. He is both an academic and a Buddhist practitioner of
over thirty years. He initially trained in the Tibetan Gelugpa tradition in
monasteries in South India and subsequently he spent time in Sri Lanka
studying Theravada. John is also an accomplished sitar player, translator,
author, broadcaster and has appeared on BBC Wales TV. He also cooks
delicious curries.

  • Margaret Travis 1984

Margaret Travis. - Margaret has also been a Trustee since 1984, and has been
a long standing student of Ven Geshe Damcho Yonten. She has made a number of
visits to South India, Dharamsala and South Africa accompanying Ven Geshe
Damcho-la. Many years ago, Margaret was a professional singer and has great
interest in Tibetan chanting. She has an eclectic interest in Dharma books
and often advises visitors on titles that have the potential to help. One of
Margaret's main interests is endeavouring to internalise the Buddha's
teachings so that she can offer practical help to the many visitors who come
to the Centre from all spiritual paths.

  • David Johnson

  • Judith Hasell

  • Gill Vaisey