Lam Rim Buddist Centre

Lam Rim Buddhism

The Buddha in Lam Rim Centre WalesAs we see it, two sayings sum up the primary concerns of Buddhism: "Cease to do evil, learn to do good" and "All the many teachings of the Buddha have but one flavour - that of liberation." Buddhists seek to understand man in his actual situation of spiritual fear and frustration, teaching him to comprehend the forces which have determined his present state, and his own responsibility for future development towards freedom.

Buddhists follow a graduated path of spiritual progress rooted in a sense of moral responsibility, embracing meditation which calms and relaxes, developing the power of the mind through one-pointed concentration, using the power thus gained to examine the world about us in order to see things the way they really are. Released from our distorted understanding, our habits, cravings and fears, there grows within us a liberating wisdom of true insight which alone provides a firm basis for a truly selfless, altruistic and compassionate involvement with the sufferings of others.

The Lam Rim Buddhist Centre represents the Buddhism of the Great Vehicle (Mahayana), the form of Buddhism which was prevalent in Tibet, China and Japan. The concern of Mahayana Buddhism is with altruistically developing the path to full Buddhahood, absolute perfection of wisdom and compassion, for the benefit not only of human but of all sentient beings.

We pray that the work of our Dharma Centre will continue, all sentient beings will attain to happiness and true fulfilment, and that the high aims and aspirations of our Centre will flower in the lotus-blossom of perfect enlightenment.