Inside the Temple

The temple is a converted church. It was originally a Dutch Reformed Church and the previous occupants were an offshoot of the Greek Orthodox Church.
The inside is basically eight-sided with pillars supporting a high ceiling above a polished wood floor and is naturally a little echoic.
The large Buddha rupa (I think slightly bigger than the one in Jamyang, London) is Taiwanese, provided by Buddha's Light International. BLIA generously donated the money to buy the Centre. The Buddha rupa sits where the organ used to be. The organ was sold off to raise funds for the building renovation and decoration.
This picture was taken at about 7.00am, just after morning puja, when the light streams in through one of the windows at this time of year.
The central part of the floor is covered with rows of comfortable zabutons and zafus and a circle of relocated pews provide for those who would rather not use cushions.
There is plenty of room to extend the sitting area beyond the pillars to accommodate larger numbers.
On the far wall, there is a window into what is currently the office. This will eventually be moved to a room behind the shrine and the shop will be set up here. The outside door to this room opens onto the garden. It is the entrance for Geshe-la from the bungalow across the lawn.


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