Lucy sims – Reflexology, VRT Reflexology, Traditional Indian Head Massage and Swedish massage.

sports-massageI am a fully insured member of the FHT – holding the highest qualification in Reflexology, VRT Reflexology, Traditional Indian Head Massage and Swedish massage.

I have worked as a therapist for many years in a variety of environments such as a mobile therapist, luxury spa’s and physio health clinics. The versatility and years of experience allows me to help on a high intuitive level combining both mind and body to find the root cause. With the ability to help each client on a personal 1 to 1 level, my treatments are guaranteed to be 100% relaxing, restorative and rejuvenating for your health and well-being.

Indian Head Massage 1 hr £35

Indian head massage works with the Ayurvedic system of healing and used for centuries for cleansing, relaxation and medical purposes. This treatment covers the whole upper body – The back, arms, shoulders, neck and, scalp and face. Pure bliss for anyone suffering with stress and emotional exhaustion. The treatment can help with sleep, fatigue and help balance the body and mind.

Reflexology 1 hr £45

Is a non-invasive complimentary therapy, based on the theory that certain reflex points on the feet, (hand’s and ears) correspond to the organs and systems of the body. By working on these points, it can help re-balance any blockages the client may be suffering from. Reflexology can be a very effective way to pin point the root cause of a problem and can help such conditions as IBS, depression, stress, back issues, insomnia, fertility issues, pain relief and hormone imbalances.

Classic Swedish massage 1 hr £40

Swedish massage is essentially full body massage using oil. It can help to increase the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. It can lower anxiety and depression levels.

Pick your own massage! tailored made for your individual needs. Choose from the ‘classic’ Swedish massage or any of the below:

There are additional options of:

Lymphatic massage 1 hr £40

Working with the lymph nodes, this is a very light touch massage restoring hormonal balance and immunity.

Aromatherapy massage 1hr £45

Working with beautiful essential oils to help with a variety of needs: stress relief, pain management, stimulation of the limbic system, improved mood and emotional release. This massage is complete bliss.

Full restorative    1.5hrs  £60

The ultimate treatment for well-being and recuperation. Combine any 2 of the treatments above. This pure indulgence for those times in need. Options:  Swedish & Reflexology / Aromatherapy & Indian Head massage / Reflexology & lymphatic massage.


Unfortunately I am unable to treat the following:

  • Anyone in their first trimester of pregnancy
  • Anyone suffering with Cancer – At least 2years in remission
  • Fever or any undiagnosed illness or injury
  • DVT for reflexology
  • Currant migraine on the day of treatment

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