Charlotte Cameron-Beaumont – Biodynamic Massage


I first trained in Biodynamic Massage in 2012, completing a one-year course with the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy, and qualifying to practice Biodynamic Massage in June 2012.

More recently, in 2016, I trained for a further year, also with the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy (which has now changed its name to the Centre for Biodynamic Psychotherapy).

I am a member of the Association for Biodynamic Massage Therapists, and you will find me on their ‘Find a Therapist’ list on their website.

Biodynamic Massage continues to fascinate me.

I aim to listen well, and attune sensitively to you as my client, give care, support and above all, let you be who you are in that hour of massage, such that you can go out in the world and be more definitely, surely ‘you’.

My background:

I have a scientific background in zoology, particularly animal behaviour, which underlies my interest in our bodies’ involvement in human psychology, particularly the impact of developmental physiology and neurobiology on our mental health.

I have also worked as a support worker with adults with learning disabilities, from whom I learned many valuable things about human psychology, before deciding to train in Biodynamic Massage.

My two courses in Biodynamic Massage incorporated some training in biodynamic psychology. In addition to this, in 2011 I undertook a course in counselling theory. There is room for some talking in your Biodynamic Massage session, but I am not trained as a counsellor or psychotherapist. Should the need for a more talk – based therapy arise in our sessions, I can support you to find a biodynamic psychotherapist, other psychotherapist, or counsellor.

My other interests involving the body and mental health are singing and dancing in community. I currently run two community choirs, and have undertaken a short course with Dance Voice on dance and psychology.

My ethos:

Like no flower is the same, so we are also all different. I believe that inside each person is a true essence. This essence of you can either be encouraged to flower and blossom, so that you become entirely and beautifully ‘you’; or it can be disregarded and ignored, put down and squashed, so that the little flower wilts, or even in some cases , never flowers at all. Sadly this can sometimes happen in childhood, where the little bud is not encouraged to flower; if a child is not encouraged to find his or her individuality and expression, or even damaged as a bud, in cases of abuse or neglect. But it can also happen in adulthood, for many reasons – bullying, shock, unresolved trauma, abuse, or just because someone’s individuality and creativity is never given room for expression.

It is never too late to listen to this little bud or emerging flower, and give it room to start to blossom.

Biodynamic massage is only one way that your bud or emerging flower can be encouraged to blossom, but I believe it is a good way to start.


Reduction for a set of six sessions: Sessions cost £40, but if you book a set of six then I offer a reduced price of £35 for all six. You are free to pay for them either individually at each session or altogether at the start.

A standard massage session lasts one hour. For your first massage session I normally allow one hour and a quarter, so we can have some extra time at the beginning for me to find out a little bit about you. I will ask you to complete a short form beforehand, with a few questions about you and your health. We will go through this together during your first session.

During the massage, I like to encourage clients to let me know if anything feels uncomfortable – for example, if the touch is too light, or too strong, or just if an area feels uncomfortable to you, so that I can adapt the massage to suit you.

Biodynamic massage can take place either over clothes or direct on the skin, so you can choose for yourself what clothes you want to leave on or take off.

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landline: (0117) 373 9170

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