Debbie Allardice – Reflexology and other Complementary Therapies


Debbie Allardice IIR, MAR, ART (Regd)

I am a qualified professional Complementary Therapist with a passion for natural therapies. After completing a BA (Hons) degree in Sociology that focussed on health, illness and wellbeing, I went onto study Reflexology with the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) in London, graduating in 2011.  I have since continued to expand my skills and techniques to include a range of other natural therapies and post-graduate reflexology courses.

My Reflexology clients have a wide range of conditions including back problems, digestive issues, endocrine related conditions and mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.  I have trained in Maternity Reflexology, supporting clients with fertility issues, women in pregnancy and mothers post-natally, and became a registered practitioner of ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques) in 2013.

Before joining the Centre for Whole Health after 5 years of practicing at the Goose Green Clinic of Osteopathy, Centre for Holistic Health and Healing, in South East London.

My experience of supporting people with mental health challenges with reflexology has shown me how powerfully touch and human connection can improve the wellbeing of people who feel isolated, vulnerable and unable to cope with day to day life.

In addition to Reflexology, I have trained in:

Thai Foot Massage, an invigorating treatment for the feet, lower legs;

Facial Rejuvenation (Natural Facelift Massage), a deeply relaxing treatment to improve wellbeing and encourage a more youthful and glowing look;

Natural Facial, a treatment using carefully chosen plant-based natural plants to suit your skin to cleanse, tone, soften, and massage the skin.

My approach is to respond to the unique needs of each client, focusing and tailoring each treatment accordingly – everyone is different. I combine my variety of techniques and experience with a calm and restorative approach, to promote wellbeing and bring into balance the body, mind and emotions.

You can find more information about the therapies I practice on my website.  Please get in touch with me or via the Centre if you would like to book an appointment or have any questions.

T: 07989 341233





£43 – 1hr treatment (initial consultation & follow up treatments)
£25 – 30min taster treatment
£215 – course of 6 treatments (6th treatment free)

Maternity Reflexology

£43 – 1hr treatment (initial consultation & follow up treatments)
£150 – Course of 4 treatments from week 36/37 in pregnancy (£37.50 per treatment)
£215 – course of 6 treatments (6th treatment free)

Thai Foot Massage

£43 – 1hr treatment
£25 – 30min taster treatment
£215 – course of 6 treatments (6th treatment free)

Facial Rejuvenation (Natural Face Lift) Massage

£43 – 1hr treatment
£215 – course of 6 treatments (6th treatment free)

Natural Facial

£43 – 1 hr treatment

I am a fully insured member of the The Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and the Complementary Therapy Association (CThA).