Lam Rim Bristol 1988-2009

Centre for Whole Health Information

General Information

The Centre for Whole Health was developed by the Lam Rim Bristol Trust in 1988. The Centre provides natural ways to health in the setting of a Buddhist Centre. The services of the Centre are open to everyone and are offered as an active expression of the principles of care and concern for others. All practitioners working at the Centre are asked to respect the values and beliefs of others.

Whole Health involves body and spirit, mind and emotions working together to create a feeling of "wellness", not just the absence of illness or pain. This means learning what can be done to take care of our own health, and seeking activities or treatment suitable to our individual needs. No single approach benefits everybody, but there is a route towards health for each of us. This Centre offers complementary methods of treating dis-ease and assisting in this journey towards health.

Initial Consultation

For those who are unfamiliar with natural therapies, the Centre offers a short, free consultation that will explore possible approaches to your particular needs.

Access to Centre

The Centre has very good facilities for wheelchair users:

Refreshment Area

The Centre has a refreshment area (solely for users of the Centre) where you can serve yourself with tea, herb tea, coffee, soft drinks and a variety of wholefood snacks.

Other Facilities

On the first floor there is a spacious hall where regular courses in Tai Chi, Yoga, Massage, Shiatsu etc. are available.
On the top floor, the Buddhist Centre holds meetings three evenings a week for meditation, teachings and discussion and holds some weekend courses.

Therapies - Information

There is a wide range of therapies available. From time to time this range is added to. The following is a brief description of the therapies that may be available (please check with reception on 0117 9231138)


Acupuncture is used to restore and maintain health; it works by re-balancing our body's energy flow. It can alleviate digestive and nervous problems, back and joint pains, headaches, menstrual and menopausal problems and also help us to cope with everyday stresses. Acupuncture treats body/mind/spirit as a whole and so is an appropriate treatment for "feeling tired and run-down" or "just not feeling right", with patients reporting their problem is gone, and "I feel so much better in myself".

Aromatherapy Massage and Bodywork

This is a synthesis of therapeutic massage, joint release and soft tissue bodywork combined with the use of essential oils. Essential oils are the fragrant and volatile essences extracted from flowers, leaves, barks, roots and berries through distillation and expression. Each essential oil has its own particular properties that can be used to treat a wide range of disorders from migraine headaches to anxiety to insomnia to skin disorders. Aromatherapy massage combines the benefits of essential oils with holistic massage to produce a deeply pleasurable yet highly effective way of healing.


Counselling (for couples, individuals or groups), can help with a wide variety of problems such as family and work relationships, sexual difficulties or abuse, illness and bereavement. Many stress symptoms such as tension, headaches, digestive problems, palpitations, panic attacks and insomnia can be alleviated by a counselling approach. First we look at what is triggering the stress reaction and learn to become aware of how stress is held in the body. By a combination of relaxation techniques and changes in lifestyle, the stress reaction can gradually be understood and controlled. During an introductory session, client and counsellor explore the area of difficulty and reach an agreement about whether they will be able to work together, for how long and with what aims. Counselling enables difficult emotions to be explored in a safe and accepting environment. The counsellor does not offer advice but can bring understanding and perspective to problems, helping and supporting people in bringing about the changes they choose to make.


Shiatsu is a simple and effective form of healing based on touch communication. The practitioner applies leaning pressure onto certain meridian lines (channels of energy) and on specific acupuncture/acupressure points. When the energy travelling along these meridians becomes depleted or congested, an imbalance in the body arises. This may be manifested in the form of an illness or discomfort such as backache, migraine, fatigue or depression. By working along the meridians, the Shiatsu practitioner induces the energy to the areas where it is lacking and disperses it from where it is in excess and congested, thus restoring health and harmony to the body. Healing-Shiatsu is a form of Shiatsu developed by Sonia Moriceau after her extensive training and practice in Zen Buddhism and Shiatsu. The practitioner's role lies in preparing the client physically and mentally so that recovery can take place. In addition to the Shiatsu session the practitioner introduces, where relevant, self-healing exercises and/or techniques so that the client learns how to maintain a state of well being at home and work.

Holistic Massage Therapy

Massage - the sharing of touch - is one of the oldest, most instinctive forms of therapy. Holistic massage works on several levels; physically, it can relieve back pain, headaches and arthritis, whilst at an emotional level, a good caring massage can soothe stress and tension, create feelings of wellbeing and enhance self-esteem. Aromatherapy (essential) oils are used during treatments.


Homoeopathy is a gentle system of medicine which treats the whole person respectfully by supporting the body's own inclinations to get well. Homoeopathy is able to treat the very root causes of illness without any side effects and is effective for most conditions from influenza to severe depression. In view of this deep level of approach, visiting a homoeopath involves in-depth discussion and the choice of specific remedies (specially prepared medicines) dedicated to your health.


Osteopathy is a physical therapy used to restore and maintain the finely tuned systems of the body with particular emphasis on the skeletal, muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Balance is commonly upset by physical strain or injury, psychological stress or general lifestyle. These imbalances can result in many symptoms such as neck and back pain, digestive upsets, menstrual disorders and respiratory problems. The osteopath's role is to seek and treat the cause of disease by gentle techniques, such as soft tissue and neuromuscular mobilisations, muscle energy and manipulation, and cranial techniques thereby allowing normal functioning to be restored.


Psychotherapy is for individuals who want to explore themselves in depth, perhaps in response to a specific problem or dissatisfaction with their lives, or for self-awareness and the fulfilment of their potential.

How to Get There

A map is available here.

Contact reception on 0117 9231138 for a programme or for further information.